Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY failed to reclaim trend here, I remain cautious as we closed below the 50ema as well, the next few days we will need to reclaim or we will fall back to recent lows. Big spot. Support on weekly and monthly still intact. uso
$USO breaking the dt  and creating a small flag break, nice close above the 50ema, we should push higher from here if we hold the 50ema. 10.2 area.ibb
$IBB breaking dt but failing to close over the 50ema, next few days will be big. Need to push higher so we can begin to curl back up.gdx
$GDX looks primed to push higher, needs to break out of this consolidation but bullish look imo

Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY holding the channel here, back above 50ema and 13ema support, should push higher to next res spot on chart markedgdx

$GDX range break test here, bullish look. If confirmed when breaks has room up to next spot 23.43 then 23.86 area, above 50ema on weekly but must test 50ema on monthly before a grind higheribb

$IBB breaking dt today but rejected on 13ema test and closed back before 50ema, looks like we may pull back if we cannot get above both again tomorrow, big areauso
$USO rejected on DT test, below 13ema and 50ema, weekly bear flagging, expect USO to break support and pull back more, bearish look

Mid Week ETF Look

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$SPY holding the 13ema here, slight consolidation but I think we can push higher as long as this 13ema support holds, room to recent highs technically speaking

$GDX Room to the uptrend here, expect a retest before we test the range and try to push through, consolidation next few sessions imo

$USO Flagging here, needs to push next session or it pulls back to the 13ema, fairly extended here imo

$IBB room on the pullback to retest the 50ema, think the bearish short term move is not over just yet

Mid Week ETF Look

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$SPY nice ATH again today, room to upside in channel, little extended today but we should cont higher in the short term no res

$IBB flag formed here, need to push through the 2 res spots, flag on weekly and curled on monthly. This goes much higher imo

$GDX Bouncing into the 50ema here, expect a pull back and test of the uptrend/13ema shortly

$USO breaking res and dt today, we will see if we can confirm next few sessions, no confirmation yet.

Mid Week ETF Look

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$SPY Recent flag break up here, bullish look, we should test ATH soon. Think we break and god higher chart looks good

$IBB testing and breaking the dowtrend on the flag today, closing above it as well which is bullish, have that 13ma support underneath, room to 316.11 here.

$USO bounce continues but rejected on the range test today, I do not think this bounce holds up but we may break the range and test 50ema next few sessions.

$GDX tested the dt today and got rejected, have the 13ema support as well just, expect a pull back towards tho lows if it cannot get back above the 13ema

Side Charts On Watch April 12th

side chartsss

$GLBS worth watching the double bottom here, this thing tend to bounce with speed. Alert: Bid>3.5

$GBR nice downtrend break today, will look for continuation tomorrow if it can break next res area.
Alert: Bid>2.53

$XOMA Love this downtrend break and the chart. Looking for confirmation before I take it long, possible swing idea when it confirms.
Alert: Bid>6.7

$MYOS got some love into the close today, broke a fairly large downtrend as it bounced off the 200sma. Reclaims 50ema it could move.
Alert: Bid>2.85

Also on side charts $NADL $ASFI $MHLD

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