Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY room to the top part of the channel here, riding the 13ema, support on all charts, more room. BullishIBB

$IBB Starting to put up a flag here, holding the 13ema, must hold and curl and we should test the recent high. Bullish imouso

$USO ww the range break higher here, above all support and ema’s crossing up. Like this to push higher through this res. Bullishgdx
$GDX back below 13 and 50ema, we should fall into the 200sma and test it, over bearflag looks to be confirming. Bearish

Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY Think we push higher here, holding above the channel break nicely, should see recent range break and push into 257 level. Bullishuso

$USO Closing at the 200sma today, I think we push higher into the 50ema on the weekly. That will be a big area to test and break. Short term Bullish. IBB

$IBB holding the UT and creating a nice flag here, should break soon and test the recent range, big area to break out. This we do see cont lovely monthly and weekly. Bullish gdx
$GDX reclaiming the 50ema and holding after break the dt, think we push higher into the monthly 50ema again. Bullish

Side Charts October 6th

side charts october 6th$CBAY ww the 8.45 break, nice flag on daily we see a range break there should be some nice cont, stock has room to the upside.
Alert: Bid>8.45

$ADMS Nice range break on daily with room to 25.9 here, I love this on a swing short term and for cont tom.
Alert: Bid>24.2

$HMNY ww this for cont, flag break and new highs, room to 16 here, wait for vol tomorrow, this can move!
Alert: Bid>15

$APHB 1.4 break this has nice room into the gap, given all the recent crazyness with the small caps this is on watch, plenty of room if/when it breaks out.
Alert: Bid>1.4

Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY nice push through the top channel here, we should retest but we have plenty of room to the upside, blue sky. Bullishgdx

$GDX hitting the 50ema and 13ema, expect a pullback short term from this res level. BearishIBB

$IBB flagged out with room still to the upside, think we see cont to the 343.87 spot, ww LABU long. Bullishuso
$USO bearish look here, shorterm trend broken but still above longer term trend. That being said we should pull back to the 50ema here on the daily at the 10 level. Bearish

Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY flagging and pushing to new highs, we are ready for the next leg up imo. Bullishuso

$USO 200sma cross and confirmed, 50ema on weekly cross and confirming, we push up to the 13ema on monthly now/ 10.71 res area. Bullishgdx

$GDX room to 200sma here, we should test it. Failed to reclaim 50ema on daily, holding dt. BearishIBB
$IBB riding the dt slowly in a channel, I still think we should flag break soon but nothing will happen until the dt breaks. Little more cautious because the 13ema is being tested right now. Still think upside though with market strong. Bullish (but cautious)

Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY retesting 13ema after FOMC and bounced back off support, we go back to test ATH looks like, we should test top up part of channel soon as well. bullishgdx-st.jpg

$GDX breaking the 50ema and closing under, think we fall further and test the 50ema on weekly and the 200sma on daily, we have support there so we shall see if it holds. Short tern bearish.uso

$USO testing range and getting rejected, still thing we should retest and break out next few days and test the 200sma daily. BullishIBB
$IBB flag test today, I love the monthly and weekly, we are setting up for a big push imo! matter of time until we break out. Bullish

Side Charts August 21st

side charts august 21
$VSAR nice range break on daily, looking for cont higher 22+ area. Key break tomorrow will be that 22.8 spot
Alert: Bid>22.8

$RADA flag break on daily and confirming by closing over today, ww this for cont long, has room into the gap towards 4
Alert: Bid>3.34

$CRC lovely curl on daily, range break tomorrow and this has room, ww the 9.9 spot to break
Alert: Bid>9.9

$MBVX penny on watch coming off the bottom, this has plenty of room up once it breaks and holds this .8 spot, confirmation key!
Alert: Bid>.8