Side Charts June 16th

side charts tom
$ADMP great PDUFA news today and huge vol, looking for continuation tomorrow as we are into the gap. 6.4 first target then 7.05 area
Alert: Bid>6.15

$RELY nice curl down here and 50ema cross and close over, would like to see cont into 3.5 area, that breaks then we will have room.
Alert: Bid>3.2

$NTRI Would like to see cont into the dt test, worth a look if the 73 spot breaks, should push.
Alert: Bid>73

$TRCO nice break and push today, would like to see a pull back to 40 area for a long and then cont.
Alert: Ask<40.5

Side Charts On Watch April 12th

side chartsss

$GLBS worth watching the double bottom here, this thing tend to bounce with speed. Alert: Bid>3.5

$GBR nice downtrend break today, will look for continuation tomorrow if it can break next res area.
Alert: Bid>2.53

$XOMA Love this downtrend break and the chart. Looking for confirmation before I take it long, possible swing idea when it confirms.
Alert: Bid>6.7

$MYOS got some love into the close today, broke a fairly large downtrend as it bounced off the 200sma. Reclaims 50ema it could move.
Alert: Bid>2.85

Also on side charts $NADL $ASFI $MHLD

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