Side Charts Dec 15th

side charts dec 15.JPG$LYL nice curl and reclaim of support, ww this for cont, due for a reversal and small float
Alert: Bid>5

$SNDX ww this to break the 50ema it could push up as it will have room if that happens
Alert: Bid>9.64

$XNET ww the flag break on the daily here, will cause a squeeze imo if that happens, nice flag setup, confirmation key here
Alert: Bid>18

$BCOR ww the breaks of 22.25, range break should cause some cont here, nice curl.
Alert: Bid>22.25


Side Charts Dec 14th

side chart dec 14th
$TCCO flag break confirming on the day, now looking for the range break for even more cont, still nice chart.
Alert: Bid>6.6

$NETS ww the flag break down  here, nice curl and reclaim of the ema’s, this can flag and push into that dt test, reversal pattern starting imo
Alert: Bid>7.1

$OSTK ww for cont tomorrow higher if it breaks this 60.45 range, tons of 60 call buying, this can push imo.
Alert: Bid>60.45

$CBIO ww the range break up here, hitting res so far and rejected but if this can break and confirm will see a push.
Alert: CBIO>9.16

Side Charts Dec 13th

side charts dec 13th
$HMNY ww this for a push tomorrow, weak today but closing above the dt, breaks 11.34 ww
Alert: Bid>11.34

$TCCO ww the flag break on the daily here, small float so this can move on a breakout
Alert: Bid>6.3

$IPXL nice curl and reclaim of the 50ema, this has more room to upside, ww for cont over 18.56
Alert: Bid>18.56

$UEPS given all the crypto runners this is ww, range break watch here 11.51
Alert: Bid>11.51

Side Charts December 12th

side charts dec 12
$PYDS ww long, nice curl here and daily dt breaks, breaks 2.57 this can push. Grinder imo
Alert: Bid>2.57

$MARA nice intra hourly range break last few days, nice vol today. ww 6.4 break for cont tomorrow
Alert: Bid>6.4

$SRAX daily flag break, ww for cont tomorrow as well. 6.46 spot key to break
Alert: Bid>6.43

$IPDN ww the dt break on daily here, it breaks we can see some vol come in, wait for confirmation
Alert: Bid>4.3

Side Charts Dec 8th

dec 8th
$ITEK ww long on this dt break here, break the 13 can slowly start pushing.
Alert: bid>2.35

$CBIO 7.33 breakout watch, chart has been setting up for a push slowly here
Alert: Bid>7.33

$TIK Double bottom on the monthly chart 2.1, ww for a reversal here. Nice r/r. 2.68 breaks should push.
Alert: Bid>2.68

$CREG little bit of spec but this has been basing here, curles up over 3.08 ww, needs that 3.3 range break to get interesting imo
Alert: Bid>3.3

Side Charts Dec 7th

side charts dec 7th
$OSTK ww short if it breaks this 42 spot to the down side, will have room to 39 area
Alert: Ask<42

$MOH ww short if it breaks 74, plenty of room on this range break to the downside.
Alert: Ask<74

$ASTC nice flag break today, needs to reclaim 4.8 and push over 5, should have room.
Alert: Bid>5

$SNBR Room to the upside if we break this range to the upside, nice chart imo. Wait for confirmation
Alert: Bid>38

Side Charts Dec 6th

side charts devc 6th
$RYB ww off the bottom here, breaking the dt but must wait for confirmation to go long
Alert: Bid>18.4

$VERI ww short, bear flag setting up here, breaks that 21 this has room to fall, bearish chart.
Alert: Ask<21

$TWLO bear flag setting up with room to downside, breaks 25 has room down.
Alert: Ask<25

$ZN nice dt break on daily here, reclaiming the 50ema and pushing up with decent vol. Looking for cont over 2.77
Alert: Bid>2.77