Side Charts Oct 20th

side charts oct 20th
$MRTX big range break on daily here, ww tom for cont, has room into the gap to 19. Love this chart
Alert: Bid>16

$BVX breaking the range on the weekly, think we can see some nice cont, this is more of a grinder but safer
Alert: Bid>4

$GNMX Breakin the range on the daily, I like the room this has on the daily into the gap when we take out 1.92, that is the level on watch.
Alert: Bid>1.92

$DEST ww the flag break on daily, room to 3 here, love this setup. Nice r/r, ww the 2.47 break and confirmation for the push.
Alert: Bid>2.47

Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY room to the top part of the channel here, riding the 13ema, support on all charts, more room. BullishIBB

$IBB Starting to put up a flag here, holding the 13ema, must hold and curl and we should test the recent high. Bullish imouso

$USO ww the range break higher here, above all support and ema’s crossing up. Like this to push higher through this res. Bullishgdx
$GDX back below 13 and 50ema, we should fall into the 200sma and test it, over bearflag looks to be confirming. Bearish

Side Charts Oct 19th

side charts oct 19th
$INPX penny stock ww, like the 50ema test today and I think we see a reclaim as the flag break is bullish here on the daily. Small AI play so we could see some spec money flow
Alert: bid>.49

$OPGN Another penny small curling up, beaten down and finally reclaiming the 50ema which is bullish signal, Range break on daily needs to close above for confirmation.
Alert: Bid>.41

$IPXL like this off the bottom, being bought on the weakness and should push now that its breaking this dt, room to 22-23 area
Alert: Bid>21.3

$PPC nice range break on daily with room to 31.56, think we see a slow move higher, grinder.

Side Charts Oct 18th

side charts oct 18th
$APHB breaking that 1.35 spot into the gap, has room to 2. Like this for cont given the recent small bio runners
Alert: Bid>1.4

$ARNA Nice range break test here, ww that 26.73 break as this will have room to 27.7  quickly
Alert: Bid>26.73

$DEST nice breakout on daily, stock has room to 3, ww a pull back to 2 then cont into the 2.97 spot
Alert: Bid>2.35

$KNDI like the flag set up on the daily, ww the break of 8.6 then hold over for confirmation for cont higher
Alert: bid>8.6

Side Charts October 17th

side charts october 17th
$RYB nice daily chart here, ww for break as this is setup. Looking for cont tomorrow into recent highs
Alert: Bid>31.26

$NEP ww the range break at 40, nice curl and recent vol pushing it up. Breakout confirmation key
Alert: Bid>44

$HDSN ww the double bottom here for a bounce, beaten down chart so fairly good r/r. Stops tight no lower then 5.85.
Alert Bid>6.33

$APRN ww the dt test here, stock has sold off but reclaiming the 13ema support I am watching that 5.4 level break to go long
Alert: Bid>5.4

Side Charts October 13th

side charts october 13th
$ABEO looking for a bounce of the 13ema support and uptrend, think we can get 1-2 points.
Alert: Bid>18.5

$MTBC looking for this range break and cont higher, chart setup to push imo. Should push when 3.6 breaks, vol key with this one

$ITEK Looking for range break and cont higher, chart primed to push as well. Held up sitting on support and created a flag. ww the 3 spot
Alert: Bid>3

$ADVM nice range break on daily and recent break of 50ema on weekly, this has room on the upside. Would like to see cont to 4.5
Alert: Bid:4.05

Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY Think we push higher here, holding above the channel break nicely, should see recent range break and push into 257 level. Bullishuso

$USO Closing at the 200sma today, I think we push higher into the 50ema on the weekly. That will be a big area to test and break. Short term Bullish. IBB

$IBB holding the UT and creating a nice flag here, should break soon and test the recent range, big area to break out. This we do see cont lovely monthly and weekly. Bullish gdx
$GDX reclaiming the 50ema and holding after break the dt, think we push higher into the monthly 50ema again. Bullish