Side Charts July 19th

side charts fdjkljklefgkl.JPG
$AMZN ww a bounce towards 1822-1824 level tom, will watch for topping there to take some short, daily has room to 1803 area on this trend break.
Options Note: 1810-1800 weekly Puts on watch on the rejection
Alert: Bid>1820

$AQXP nice small one into the gap, nice amount of cash per share and book value, ww long above 3.35
Option Note: August 17 2.5 calls
Alert: Bid>33.5

$IQ ww pull to the trend at 32.2.-32 area to grab some long, tight stops and will wait for basing but think this may be a nice bounce area imo
Option Note: Weekly Calls 32-33
Alert: Ask<32.2

$GLD ww dt break on the daily, nice amount of room on reversal, will most likely turn this into a swing on confirmation eod
Option Note: August 117-120 calls
Alert: Bid>116.35


Side Charts July 18th

side charts ferergegwge
$NOG ww the trend break on daily to upside, will be a grinder but think we do see cont to the upside.
Option Note: 3 August 17 Calls
Alert: Bid>3.45

$EAT ww for cont to upside, nice test of the range break area here, breaks and confirms we can see a push
Option Note: 50 weekly calls on confirmation!
Alert: Bid>49.9

$WLL ww off the 50ema on daily here, oil extended, think we will see a bounce here.
Option Note: 50-55 Vertical Calls August 17
Alert: Bid>50.2

$AQ Looking for cont on the daily, nice daily dt break, room to upside. Lovely chart imo
Alert: Bid>13.22
Equity focus no options

Side Charts July 18th

$OSTK ww the 43.1 break to upside for cont into the 45.7 spot, big SI and stock has room!
Option note: ww 40 calls on pull backs or the 45’s imo
Alert: Bid>43.1

$AAXN big range break setup on daily to upside, ww push and cont higher. No res above
Option Note: 70 weeklys calls
Alert: Bid>71

$XNET ww daily breakout to upside, room if we can get through the res but big area here! Confirmation Key.
Option Note: 12.5 or the 12 weekly calls, cheapish
Alert: Bid>12.30

$BOX ww cont to upside on the 27.8 break, nice chatter news on the name as well.
Equity focus
Alert: Bid>27.8

Side Charts July 16th

ferjfjeriof.JPG$CRSP ww support at 57.1 area long, must wait for test then basing to confirm, tight stops under it. Nice r/r imo there
Option Note: CRSP 57.5-60 weekly verts on radar there.
Alert: Ask< 57.5

$QCOM ww for cont to upside on the 58.8 break, big sweeps on the 60 calls
Option Note: Weekly 58.5 and 59 calls on radar if it breaks and confirms
Alert: Bid>58.8

$WYNN ww for cont to upside, love the daily break of 166.5 for more upside, room to 168.39 area on daily
Option Note: August 17 170’s ww, weekly 165 – 170 verts ww.
Alert: Bid>166.5

$AAXN Big range break setup on daily, ww for a break and confirm, can push hard imo, consolidating for awhile
Equity Focus here
Alert: Bid> 69.27

Side Charts July 13th

side charts july 13
$DERM ww the range break of the 11.9 spot and cont, big gap here to push through, at the big res spot here.
Option Note: August – Sept Monthly 11-12 calls ww imo
Alert: Bid>11.9

$OLED ww the 50ema break to upside here, can cause more vol to come in. Nice amount of room over and above imo. Confirmation key!!
Option Note: 95-100 vert July 20 calls ww, decent r/r imo
Alert: Bid>94.4

$AAOI ww the range break on daily, tons of SI, can squeeze imo if it breaks and confirms
Option Note: Weekly 50 calls if it break imo
Alert: Bid>49.75

$OKTA ww the intra-range flag break on daily, nice amount of upside to the room
Option Note: July 20 55-60 vert or 55 calls ww
Alert: Bid>55.11

Side Charts July 20th

side charts july 12th
$NFLX 2 ways to play this one, with the market looking weak under the downtrend I am leading bearish but will wait for either signal, ww the 419.86 level break to upside, occurs and confirms the flag room to recent highs. Trend break of 416 break room back to 408-409 level
Option Note: Bull side if confirmed :420-425 calls weekly ww, Bearish side: 410-415 weekly puts.
Alert: Bid> 419.85
Alert: Ask<416

$CRSP ww for cont to the upside, daily range break, held all ema support nice look.
Option Note: ww the week;y 65 calls or next week July 20 65 calls imo
Alert: Bid>65.59

$TNDM ww the intra-flag range break on daily, chart set to push more imo towards recent highs
Option Note: July 25 calls ww
Alert: Bid>24.3

$OMER nice curl on daily, looking for range break to upside for cont into the 20’s
Option Note: August Monthly 20 calls ww if this confirms
Alert: Bid>20.1

Side Charts July 11th

side charts july 11
$LB ww range break to upside at the 38.18 spot, nice amount of room on the reversal
Option Note: Weekly 38 calls, July 20 40-38 calls
Alert: Bid>38.18

$IRBT ww the weekly dt break at the 81.4 level, this breaks should have some nice room to run.
Option Note: July 20 82-85 (give this more time, range is there imo)
Alert: Bid>81.4

$CBLK ww the dt break on daily, confirms we can get a reversal bounce, solid amount of range to the upside if confirms
Alert: Bid>23.6

$INSY ww range break of the 7.65 spot, reclaims support should push into the 8 area, would focus on equity here and not options. Not a good look with the premiums.
Alert: Bid>7.65