Mid Week ETF look


$SPY nice push off bottom of channel, we should break all time highs and push to top of channel, would like to see more vol for continuation. Stochastics hot so I remain nimbleuso

$USO nice push with increased vol here, think we retest the 200sma in the short term. Would like to see the weekly retest that downtrend and the monthly reclaim 8emaGDX

$GDX should see the downtrend retest soon, solid bounce off 13ema and back over the 50ema which is a good signibb
$IBB looking for a reclaim of the 50ema soon, remain a little cautious here but we should see it retest


May 25th Side Charts

side charts 11
$BEBE looking for a 5 break for continuation, nice curl here with decent vol.
Alert: Bid>5

$GLBS nice downtrend break recently with seriously vol, we should see continuation tomorrow IF it can break 1.92
Alert: Bid>1.92

$PULM like the curl last few days, ww if we can reclaim the 50ema it will push.
Alert: Bid>3.13

$ETRM little vol today, chart is starting to curl back up slightly and vol coming back in, watching for 5.25 clear to go long
Alert: Bid>5.25

May 24th Side Charts

side charts tom
$CJ nice range break forming, ww the 35.1 break for a push into 37 area
Alert: Bid> 35.1

$COLL nice downtrend break and curl on a beaten down chart, room to 10 here.
Alert: Bid> 9

$CBLI like the name for continuation, nice daily chart, trend and curl is there. 4.41 breaks we will run
Alert: Bid>4.41

$CRBP nice little curl off the bottom here, if it pushed through 50ema aka 7.07 I would consider it long
Alert: Bid>7

Side Charts May 23d

side charts
$WKHS nice curl on daily, should see some continuation info 4.53, if that breaks chart will have even more room to 6.31 area
Alert: Bid>4.53

$OCX ww for contiuation tomorrow only if 7.95 res breaks, then we will have room to 9. Wait for the break!
Alert: Bid>7.95

$CCRC room into 19 here, nice top channel break we should see some strength on continuation
Alert: Bid> 18

$CHGG beuty flag break on daily, love this chart for a push into 13.
Alert: Bid>12.15

Side Charts May 19th

$LTBR ww 1.9 break, chart mini flag here, has some room to push into 2.3 if we see confirmation and follow through
Alert: Bid>1.9

$CORT breaking h/s on daily, ww long if it breaks the range at 11.58, will have some room to run
Alert: Bid>11.58

$NADL watching this downtrend break here, takes out 3 with some vol it can move, must wait for Vol
Alert: Bid> 3

$SRPT Love the chart for continuation, needs to break back over h/s and we should see 38-39’s
Alert: Bid> 36

Side Charts May 18th

sdie charts
$NVDA looking for cont pull into 124 area tomorrow, chart is over extended plus -news today.
Alert: Ask< 127

$MDCO off a cliff, super heavy chart, ww any pops to short. 44.5-45 entry would be great.
Alert: Bid>44.5

$GUID I like the daily setup here, would love to grab some off the 200sma or near long for a play, nice trend and chart.
Alert: Ask>6.45

$CLVS Think we see some continuation upwards next few days and a dt test.
Alert: Bid>50.5

Mid Week ETF look


Mid week ETF look $SPY breaking the channel but sitting on 50ema support daily, think it holds.


$USO should see a slight pullback here to 13ema, ultimately we should rested that downtrend gdx

$GDX slight pull back should happen fill gap, I do think overall this is bullish, DT break on weekly, room to 200smaibb

$IBB broke and confirmed trend break for now, still some support here, ww retest.