Swing Alert Ideas Dec 15th



swing charts 1

$VECO looking for cont from this dt break into the 50ema, nice look

$GROW ww this dt break here, like that its confirming the break, 6.25 res breaks again we should see cont.

$INSY ww the 50ema break here, has nice amount of room, is primed to push through

$LYL love the curl down here, looking for a reversal cont off the bottomswings 2
$NETS looking for cont into the 8.7 area. Nice reclaim of ema’s and vol

$JILL breaking over the emas and holding, range break as well with room into the gap now

$LEDS Spec play but i love the daily to push, only take it it confirms 4.2 break key

$FRTA massive range break into the gap, this should see cont over.


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