Mid Week ETF Look



$SPY trying to hold the 50ema, no edge on direction here, will look for a reclaim short term howeverUSO

$USO breaking the uptrend, expect it to reclaim it short term.


$GDX rejected off the 200sma last week, I expect a nice bounce here off the trend and 50emaIBB

$IBB looking for the uptrend test next few days which should hold and bounce off of.


April 20th Side charts

side charts tom.JPG


$CBMX ww the dt test and break tomorrow, could run as it is a former.
Alert: Bid>5.15

$AYX little flag break and curl here, ww it over 17 area for a pop to the all time high 17.5
Alert: Bid>17

$ASUR nice curl here, reclaimed the 13ema should push up into the 50ema, nice vol today.
Alert: Bid> 10.20

$QBAK broke the h/s today into the close, ww it over 5.66 level tomorrow for continuation
Alert: Bid> 5.66

April 19 Side charts

side charts
$SHLD nice break of the recent range, this should push higher in the next few sessions. Over 14.16 we should see 14.75 fairly quick
Alert: Bid > 14.16

$GNC nice move today after e/r, we break 9.25 we should push back up. Over the 50ema, chart is fairly beaten down worth watching.
Alert: Bid>9.25

$VIVE Bullish look with room, stock moves quick so will be on watch for an 8.05 break.
Alert: Bid>8.05

$COOL ww the downtrend here, we break it and confirm we should pop fairly quick.
Alert: Bid>13.9

Side Charts April 18th

side charts tomorrow


$CORT looking for h/s test next few session, if it breaks should push to that recent high
Alert: Bid>11.4

$PLSE looking for 26 break for next leg up, looks like it will push more imo.
Alert: Bid>26

$CMRE nice range break pattern here, need to push then break 7.25 aka the 200sma,
Alert: Bid>7.25

$BLCM like the little flag that has formed here on the daily, needs to hold it and then break that recent high and we should see room into 14’s
Alert: Bid>13.67

Side Charts April 13th

side charts
$STKS close over the 200sma, looks good if it can hold it, should push higher off the recent flag break

Alert: Bid>2.4

$AUXO looking for this to break that 6.46 range, nice flag forming should push higher

Alert: Bid>6.46

$VKTX ww the that dt test, if it breaks we should flag out, little room on this low float

Alert: Bid>1.45

$CBMX ww the bounce off the 50ema, it has bounced fierce in the past off that support

Alert: Bid<4.6

ETF Mid Week Update


$SPY broke out of channel, will test 50ema support here, needs to hold or we will pull back more. I expect a bounce off the support


$USO pulling back to 11.07 support, I think it will hold and then push up and test the weekly 50ema level at 11.35 in the short term.

$GDX broke out of weekly dt and confirming currently. Looks like 200sma will be tested fairly soon to the upside.

$IBB looking bearish but sitting on support, we should pull back and test the up trend here until its able to break that small downtrend, I believe it will hold.

Side Charts On Watch April 12th

side chartsss

$GLBS worth watching the double bottom here, this thing tend to bounce with speed. Alert: Bid>3.5

$GBR nice downtrend break today, will look for continuation tomorrow if it can break next res area.
Alert: Bid>2.53

$XOMA Love this downtrend break and the chart. Looking for confirmation before I take it long, possible swing idea when it confirms.
Alert: Bid>6.7

$MYOS got some love into the close today, broke a fairly large downtrend as it bounced off the 200sma. Reclaims 50ema it could move.
Alert: Bid>2.85

Also on side charts $NADL $ASFI $MHLD

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