June 2nd Side Charts

larger side charts

$MTZ nice dt break and push into recent highs, think we see cont on this tomorrow. Look for break of 43.8 for push.
Alert: Bid>43.8

$BBRY nice breakout on daily from Citron long idea, Big vol, we should see continuation.
Alert: Bid>11.74

$CLVS nice dt break and reclaim of the 50ema today, I believe we will push more into the 57.8 spot.
Alert: Bid>56

$SHOP Beuty curl on daily, like this to test recent highs soon, bullish imo.
Alert: Bid>93.6


Mid Week ETF Look

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$SPY Trying to reclaim and hold channel here, think we do ultimately, bounced off small support today. Think we can push but consolidation is needed before hand.

$GDX Downtrend continues, broke the 50ema but some support here, think we do see and test and break shortly

$USO Testing the inverse h/s here, plus gap down, looking for a bounce short term but ultimately think we head lower as under all ema support

$IBB bouncing and holding 200sma today, we will need it to hold next few session or we will fall much lower. Big area!

Side Charts June 1st

side charts June 1st
$SPWH Nice flag break up here, should cont higher.
Alert: Bid>5.95

$VNCE looking for it to continue pushing, nice curl and room to the upside.
Alert: Bid>.68

$MBOT huge vol today on the downtrend break, would look for cont tomorrow
Alert: Bid>4.28

$AVGR Nice curl off lows and inc vol with the news, should push higher next few sessions
Alert: Bid> .63

Side Charts May 31st

side charts
$VRAY nice little dt break here, also reclaim and close over the 50ema, look for cont tomorrow
Alert: Bid>6.67

$ARTX Nice break of 50ema and pull back/close over, looking for cont here after 3.45 break, room to fill gap
Alert: Bid>3.45

$ASUR Nice large flag setup here, broke dt today as well and closed over. Solid confirmation will look for it to take out recent high
Alert: Bid>15.3

$CONN Nice dt break and curl with vol, looking for cont and to take out recent highs
Alert: Bid> 17

Side Charts May 26th

side charts may 26th
$COOL nice flag up here forming, ww 17.5 break we should see a push toward the 18.9, nice amount of room.
Alert: Bid>17.5

$GLW love the chart here, primed for a break out to 30+, ww 29.72 break
Alert: Bid>29.72

$XOMA like the slow curl here if it breaks 6.9 it has some room.
Alert: Bid>6.9

$ADPTQ pink sheet stock but what a good looking chart! Nice curl here with inc+ vol, over 50ema with some room I like it for cont.
Alert: Bid>2.25

Mid Week ETF look


$SPY nice push off bottom of channel, we should break all time highs and push to top of channel, would like to see more vol for continuation. Stochastics hot so I remain nimbleuso

$USO nice push with increased vol here, think we retest the 200sma in the short term. Would like to see the weekly retest that downtrend and the monthly reclaim 8emaGDX

$GDX should see the downtrend retest soon, solid bounce off 13ema and back over the 50ema which is a good signibb
$IBB looking for a reclaim of the 50ema soon, remain a little cautious here but we should see it retest

May 25th Side Charts

side charts 11
$BEBE looking for a 5 break for continuation, nice curl here with decent vol.
Alert: Bid>5

$GLBS nice downtrend break recently with seriously vol, we should see continuation tomorrow IF it can break 1.92
Alert: Bid>1.92

$PULM like the curl last few days, ww if we can reclaim the 50ema it will push.
Alert: Bid>3.13

$ETRM little vol today, chart is starting to curl back up slightly and vol coming back in, watching for 5.25 clear to go long
Alert: Bid>5.25