Side Charts July 6th

side charts tom
$VSTM nice flag break, now looking for the flag break tomorrow for cont, nice setup.
Alert: Bid>2.54

$CENX Nice range break setup here, we break we got room.
Alert: Bid>16.5

$CERU massive vol today, hard to ignore, holding a piece o/n for cont. Key break will be 1.14 tomorrow.
Alert: Bid>1.14

$TROX nice push and reclaim of the 50ema today I think we can see some cont tomorrow
Alert: Bid>15.65


Side Charts July 5th

side charts July 5th
$KLXI nice curl off the dt break, reclaiming all ema’s has room to push into 51.27 area.
Alert: Bid>50.54

$APA Bid dt break on daily, look for continuation on this as it closed above dt and 50ema/
Alert: Bid>49.9

$MPLX Big dt break on daily and reclaim of 50ema as well, looking for continuation
Alert: Bid> 34.4

$CHRV Looks good to push into 50ema, roughly a point of room
Alert: Bid>69.9

Side Charts June 30th

siide charts june 30th
$SHLD nice close over the 50ema, steady buying and now we have some room. Expect cont tom
Alert: Bid>8.75

$YRCW test the range break area here, if it breaks it should pus, nice curl and above all ema’s
Alert: Bid> 11.26

$AMBC nice push through 50ema and curl with room to the upside, looking for cont
Alert: Bid>17.75 room into 18.6 area

$CNAT very nice curl, ema’s curled up, room to 7.2 area
Alert: Bid>6.45

Side Charts June 29th

side charts June 29th
$CSII ww the range break on the daily, weekly here. Big area, if it breaks out it has plenty of room to run
Alert: Bid>33.11

$IDTI nice vol today and push through recent range and downtrend. ww this spot here as it should test the break out.
Alert: Bid>26.34

$TMST Nice push over the 50ema and all other ema’s curling up. Good close over the res now we need to hold it and we should push even higher. Like this chart a lot if it can hold the 14.8 break.
Alert: Bid>14.8

$CY Nice DT break and close over, look for 14.4 break and hold over for continuation
Alert: Bid>14.4

Mid Week ETF look

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$SPY reclaimed 13ema support, think we push back up further now in the short term and test that recent downtrend.

$USO pushing up into the 13ema, if we can close over we should see a bigger bounce, uptrend must hold big key or bear flag

$IBB Room to upside, we should push higher, flag forming up here.

$GDX rejected off the 50ema, think we pull back even more to next support short term

Side Charts June 28th

side charts june 28th
$DECK nice downtrend break here ww for cont if we can take out 68.3 tomorrow
Alert: Bid>68.3

$VRX double top today but it didn’t pull back that hard, I like this long if we can get back up and break that range, on watch
Alert: Bid>17.44

$DXTR Nice push on this penny, a close over .35 will be bullish for continuation. Room into the 50ema then room to .6 so will see if we can get through
Alert: Bid>.43

$CBI massive vol today off the news, very bullish but we will see if we can break the 50ema tomorrow, if we do has way more room.
Alert: Bid >20.65

Side Charts June 27th

side charts june 27th
$BVXV phase 2 data friday, ww tomorrow for continuation on spec buying, no res above and holding 4ema nicely.
Alert: Bid>9.25

$RAD buyout news today ++, broke 50ema to upside with massive vol, think we see cont.
Alert: Bid>4.28

$GTXI nice curl here, data on friday, think we see cont on spec buying,
Alert: Bid>5.09

$PBYI phase 3 data this week, we have room to test this range break in the meantime. Looking for spec money to push this up before data on Friday.
Alert: Bid>90