Side Charts Sept 19th

side charts sept 19th

$VSTM nice flag break setup here on daily ww the 5.71 spot to break then we have room to run, wait for confirmation
Alert: Bid>5.71

$CLVS looking for cont tomorrow if we break the 78.41 spot, nice reclaim of 50ema support with vol, now looking for the range break.
Alert: Bid>78.41

$AMD nice curl down here, ww the 13.5 spot to break, we will see some cont if it breaks that res.
Alert: Bid>13.5

$EROS looking for the range break for cont, like the strength today 14.65 spot on watch
Alert: 14.65


Side charts Sept 15th

side charts sept 15th
$APRN love the curl down here, think it will push off the bottom at this point, room to 6.3 than can push nicely.
Alert: Bid>5.83

$BZH nice range break/ flag break on daily, room to upside so I do think we see cont. Nice daily
Alert: Bid>16.9

$HES nice 50ema reclaim and hold today, some nice calls being bought which is notable. Room to upside, we can push here
Alert: Bid> 42.5

$SRPT love the curl on the daily, thing is primed to pop imo, ww this to break 46 and hold over, should push. Wait for confirmation!!
Alert: Bid>46

Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY pushing to top part of channel, little extended on daily here but no res till top channel test at 251 area. We maye see slight pull back in near future before 251 test

$IBB primed and ready up here, stalking the flag break, nice consolidation we should get a test soon. Love the monthly and weekly, we should go higher imo.


$USO nice dt break here and confirm, look for 10.09 test and break and we should make our way back to the 200smagdx
$GDX testing small support level here, should break and head lower imo, looking at that 23.45 retest.

Side charts September 14th

side charts sept 14th
$AAP breaking range into the gap with some room here, overe 100.3 should see a push to 102-103.
Alert: Bid>100.31

$JUNO love the flag break on daily, would like to grab some on pull back to 45-44.5 for cont higher.
Alert: ASK<45

$SIEN nice breakout and push into this gap, has plenty of room, looking for cont over 15 tom
Alert: Bid>15

$NOVN this chart is primed and ready, smaller float but i love the range break test here, breaks 6.7 again expecting a move, watch for vol.
Alert: Bid>6.7

Side Charts September 13th

side charts sept 12th
$TLRD ww long here, nice bullchart confirming the flag break, should see some cont to recent highs when we break 13.67
Alert: Bid>13.67

$PI nice beaten down ready for next leg up imo WHEN it crossed 40.4 and holds above for 10-30 mins, nice amount of room into this gap.
Alert: Bid>40.4

$CATM ww that 28.72 break for cont to upside, nice curl off the bottom and recent buying, should see cont.
Alert: Bid>28.72

$TECD think the bottom is in and we can start seeing a push off, stops tighter on this one, looking for 86 break for push
Alert: Bid>86

Side Charts September 12th

side carts september 12th
$OSUR nice ath break today, I think we can see cont on this tomorrow the 23 level, will be a slow grinder but like the daily break out.
Alert: Bid>22.15

$UNFI nice little flag break and test of 50ema on daily, we break tomorrow and hold over we should see a push
Alert: Bid>36.35

$TAHO Like the news today, this has plenty of room to push into this gap, ww a pull back for a long around 6.1 area, wait for basing first though!
Alert: ASK< 6.2

$AEIS Nice daily breaking out of some consolidation and flagging, now need the range break and we have room to push
Alert: Bid> 74.6

Side Charts Sept 8th

side charts sept 8th
$ZYNE like this bottom play, think its ready to go long. We break 7 it can push into 8’s
Alert: Bid>7

$NOVN ww chart, nice cup forming here, looking for a break of 6 and push to recent highs.
Alert: Bid>6

$ARCI nice flag on daily and breakout, looking for cont tomorrow over 1.57, this can push to recent highs if it breaks that spot.
Alert: Bid>1.57

$FENG recent break of flag on daily and push over the res, we should see some cont on this tomorrow, will be watching
Alert: Bid> 4.97