Side Charts July 10th

side charts july 10th
$IQ ww 32.4 break to upside, dt broken, needs the range break to come off the bottom. potential imo
Option Note: IQ Weekly 32-35 vert calls, 33- and 34 calls
Alert: Bid>32.4

$DK ww dt break and range break at the 50.75 area, chart is holding ema support with room to push imo
Option Note: July 20 50 and 52.5 calls
Alert: Bid>50.75

$CRZO ww range break on daily to the upside, nice amount of room, confirmation key!
Option Note: July 20 30 and 31 calls
Alert: Bid>30.38

$PTCT ww h/s break on daily to upside, can see a nice rebound on confirmation
Option Note: Weekly 38-39 calls
Alert: Bid>37.3


Side Charts July 6th

side charts 2222.JPG$GBX ww range break on weekly for cont to upside, nice break if confirms has room imo
Option Note: July 20 – 55 and 60 calls ww imo
Alert: Bid>55.2

$MDCO ww daily flag break at the 37.6 spot, has room to push on daily if it confirms, nice bullish setup imo
Option Note: July 20 – 37,38,40 calls ww imo
Alert: Bid>37.6

$OLED ww for cont to upside, above ema support and broke the 87.5 area to the upside, room to the 90.5 spot imo over 88
Option Note: Weekly 88,89,90 calls ww imo
Alert: Bid>88

$COUP nice h/s break on daily and dt break, looking for cont to the upside into the 65+ area imo
Option Note: July 20 – 65-70 calls ww imo
Alert: Bid>64.4


Side Charts July 5th

side charts 3.JPG
$PTCT ww intra-range break to the upside, holding ema support and dt broken, breaks 34.5 should have some nice room to upside, confirmation needed
Option Note: Weekly 34-36 on watch
Alert: Bid>34.5

$CLVS ww the big dt break on daily and ema cross, big res here so two ways to play, unable to confirm the break take it short, breaks and holds aka confirms we have some room imo. Big area
Option Note: July 20 50 Calls on watch if confirmed.
Alert: Bid>47.75

$MU ww for cont to the downside, looking for last days lows to break, range break daily down with room, uncertainty in the news negative imo, will watch for confirmation and continuation.
Option Note: Weekly 51-49 Puts will be on watch!
Alert: Ask> 51.4

$TSRO ww the dt break at 43.9 area, will have some room to push, think this is beaten down, 45.75 will be the next area of res
Option Note: Weekly 44-45 Calls will be on watch
Alert: Bid>43.9

Side Charts July 3rd

side charts 333
$BOX ww long if the dt breaks, flag support holding, looking for 25.9 break and confirm and we can move imo
Alert: Bid>25.9

$BLCM ww trend reclaim here, like the dip buy stops tight, nice r/r given the range in the channel.
Alert: Bid>7.9

$CRSP ww range break to upside at the 60 mark, will have room to the downtrend imo.
Alert: Bid>60

$ICPT breaking to new daily highs, room to fill the gap now, looking for cont into 90+
Alert: Bid>88.5

Side Charts June 29th

side charts june 29th.JPG$OSTK ww long off the bottom here if it breaks back within the range, it can get a nice push imo. Lotto 31 calls with be on radar.
Alert: Bid>30.75

$OLED support held on weekly, looking to add into long if it breaks the daily range 84 level, can push imo
Alert: Bid>84

$NAKD nice look on the hourly, intra-flag range break, looking for cont to upside if 6.6 breaks, can get going to 8 imo

$SOGO looking for cont on this 50ema bounce tom, 11.8 breaks can push imo
Alert: Bid> 11.8

Side Charts June 28th

side charts june 28th
$GBT looking for the break of the 47 area for cont to the upside, may happen before close but chart has momo and room
Alert: Bid>47

$DBX looking for retest of the 30.49 support area from the trend, ww bounce here with tight stops.
Alert: Ask<30.6

$WTW ww the flag support break to downside, strong despite market sell off, room if the support breaks imo
Alert: Ask<97.3

$IQ looking for a 50% retrace to grab some long, 30.6 area, small size and will have tight stops
Alert: Ask<31

Side Charts June 27th

side charts june 27th
$OLED monthly support, ww the long of the 82 level for a bounce,
Alert: Ask<82.5

$ROKU looking for cont on this downtrend break, intra-flagbreak occurs think we can get a push imo
Alert: Bid>44.7

$VSTM looking for an intraflag range break to upside, support held nicely so far
Alert: Bid>8.15

$TWTR despite market sell off held up nicely, watching for dt break for a flag push higher
Alert:  Bid>45.6