side charts 22
$SFIX ww for cont higher on this daily breakout, like to squeeze on ath breaks! Has room imo
Alert: Bid>46.75
Options Note: 48-50 Sept 21 calls

$TLRY looking for breakout tom of the 90.4 area, if this occurs we will have more room to upside, daily setup for a squeeze. Confirmation is key
Alert: Bid>90.4
Option Note: 90-95 vertical weekly calls

$GKOS looking for range break off the bottoming here, room to 65.4 area if we can confirm the break
Alert: Bid>54.35
Options Note: Sept 21, 55 calls

$CGNX ww cont to the upside on this daily range break out, room to push imo
Alert: Bid>54.7 break
Options Note: Sept 21 55 calls (cheap imo)


Side Charts Sept 7th

$EAT ww long on the 46.1 level break, nice ema reclaim and bottom formation. Looks great for a push imo
Option Note: 45 sept 21 calls
Alert: Bid>46.1

$ROKU huge flag set up on daily, looking for breakout confirmation, think we can push to recent highs
Options Note: 63 Lotto calls!! Weeklies
Alert: Bid> 63.25

$AMBA ww the range break on 41 to upside for cont, like the amount of room here. confirmation key!
Option Note: 40.5-41 lotto calls weeklies
Alert: Bid> 41

$PTCT looking for break of the daily flag, great looking bio. Ready for next leg up on confirmation imo
Option Note: Weekly 44-45 vert lottos
Alert: Bid> 44

Side Charts Sept 5th

side charts eddcd
$DDS ww long off the bottom here, 79.73 breaks see room towards that 81 area, confirmation key!
Option Note: Weekly 79-80 calls
Alert: Bid>79.73

$MTCH looking for cont on the 53.6 break for cont towards the 55 level. Gorgeous daily breakout imo
Option Note: 55 sept 21 calls
Alert: Bid>52.6

$NEWA 11.3 range break off bottom ww, if vol comes in I believe this can have room imo. confirmation key
Alert: Bid>11.3
Equity Focus

$OSTK ww off the bottom range, 31 break and hold we can see the start of a bounce, confirmation needed above 31 imo
Option Note: Weekly 32-33 Calls
Alert: Bid>31

Side Charts August 31st

$BIIB ww the 355.28 break to upside for cont, lovely daily range break to upside and curl. Room to the 360 mark if this gets some vol through the res level
Option Note: 355 Lotto calls, 360 lotto calls, weeklies
Alert: Bid>355.28

$RKDA ww long on the 6.66 break, little bit of a spec play. Confirmation is key here
Alert: Bid>6.66
Equity Focus

$VIRT ww curl off the bottom, room to upside on daily, look for the 22.21 break and hold over. Confirmation key
Option Note: 22.5 Sept Calls
Alert: Bid>22.21

$GSKY ww the range break on daily to upside, room to the 22.6 area once 20.12 and the 50ema breaks. Confirmation key as always!
Option Note: Sept 21,  20 calls.
Alert: Bid>20.12

Side Charts August 30th

$GOOS ww the 59.5 break for cont to the upside, nice daily chart setup to push into upper range if this res can break imo
Options Note: 59.5, 60 calls Weeklies
Alert: Bid>59.5

$APHQF looking for cont through this recent high 12.85, has more room to squeeze imo
Alert: Bid>12.85

$CRAY ww 22 break off the bottom, room to upside on that break, nice r/r imo. Confirmation is key
Option Note: 22.5 Sept 21 calls
Alert: Bid>22

$LL ww long off the bottom on the 18 break, nice r/r as well here, confirmation key!
Option Note: 18 Weekly calls, CHEAP!
Alert: Bid>18

Side Charts August 29th

side charts sssss
$RETA ww cont into the 85.39 breaks, this breaks and confirms stock will have room into the 90 are imo. Massive flag broken on daily
Option Note: 90-95 Vertical Calls Sept 21
Alert: Bid>85.39

$AAL ww the 40.55  range break to upside on daily, stock will have room to push imo!
Option Note: 40.5 weekly calls, cheap!
Alert: Bid>40.55

$BOOT ww the range break on daily to upside, nice amount of room to cont into the 31.5 area imo
Option Note: 30 vertical calls
Alert: Bid>28.8

$AERI big dt break on daily, looking for cont into the 50ema, if this area breaks think we can see cont
Option Note: Sept 65 calls
Alert: Bid>64.5

Side Charts August 28th

side charts 2222
$MTCH ww range break to upside on daily, must break back and reclaim for confirmation imo
Option Note: Sept 21 55 calls
Alert: bid>52

$TSRO ww the 32.08 break to upside for cont off the bottom, like this one r/r.
Option Note: Aug 31, 31.5 calls
Alert: Bid>32.08

$SFLY ww for cont off the bottom, needs this 76.5 range break and it has room imo
Option Note: Sept 21 75 calls
Alert: Bid>76.5

$CWH ww 21.15 break off the bottom for cont into the 50 on the daily
Equity Focus
Alert: Bid>21.15