Side Charts March 16th

march 16th.JPG
$VERI ww the dt break here, 15.3 break and this can push into the gap imo, nice basing, confirmation key
Alert: Bid>15.3

$CVEO big range break on daily, room to 5,grinder imo, ww for cont over. 4.1
Alert: Bid>4.1

$QTS Nice break and reclaim of ema support into the gap, room to about 38.2 imo, ww for cont above 37.2
Alert: Bid>37.2

$ELTK small one with a range break today, ww reversal off the bottom if it gets back above 4.62, tiny float spec play given recent sediment.
Alert Bid>4.62


Side Charts March 15th

march 15th.JPG
$AGN nice chatter news, ww the 169.6 range break for cont to upside into the 171+ mark imo.
Alert: Bid>169.6

$YTEN nice vol on the day, above ema’s and curled, looking for cont if the 200sma break at 2.86
Alert: Bid>2.86

$AQB Speculation play based off the high short interest and and the little technical reversal setting up, key is the 3.2 break with vol or no go. Must confirm imo
Alert: Bid>3.2

$CLLS huge pt today, nice range break on daily as well, looking for cont as room to upside
Alert: Bid>36.2


Side Charts March 14th

side charts march 14th.JPG
$REN nice flag break today and retest of breakout area, looking for intraflag range break for cont, needs to confirm or no go.
Alert: Bid>36.6

$VXRT nice flag break on daily, ww cont through 7 to 7.9 area, smaller stock so wait for vol!
Alert: Bid>7

$CHFS ww for 4 break, needs to hold over the 50 and confirm with vol, alerts set above 4
Alert: Bid>4

$SNDX ww the h/s break on daily, can see some cont higher, needs to break and hold above for confirmation imo.
Alert: Bid>10.75


Side Charts March 13th

side chatts march 13
$NXTD nice symp play off MARA, dt broken, been holding the 50 for a few weeks now, potential to push imo.
Alert: Bid>2.9

$SFIX ww the flag break on daily for cont, nice chart setup and vol through that dt break.
Alert: Bid>25.3

$TENX intraflag range break, looking for cont IF 8.8 breaks (200sma) and it holds over, confirmation key!
Alert: Bid>8.8

$INPX ww the range break off the bottom, small stock needs confirmation but beaten down. Tight stops, will only play the momo, not one to hold.
Alert: Bid>1.65


Side Charts March 9th

side chrts 9th.JPG
$OSTK ww for cont after the dt break on daily, holds over 62.5 can see a nice push into the 65.3 level imo
Alert: Bid>63.5

$IDSA nice small one weekly range break, gets over 2.78 can see a nice push, beaten down.
Alert: Bid> 2.78

$COLL big range break today, looking for cont higher into the 30.58 area test
Alert: Bid> 29.5

$AKAM looking for cont tomorrow, would like retest of the 72.5 spot for some long, big range break on daily with room, nice pt u/g today as well
Alert: Ask<74


Side Charts March 8th

side charts march 8th
$TWLO ww cont to the upside 39.75 breaks into a large gap, nice amount of vol.
Alert: Bid> 39.75

$YELP ww for breakout of this consolidation, nice flag on daily and ema curl. Can see some nice cont, range break and confirmation key
Alert: Bid>45.8

$MLNX nice flag break on daily, looking for cont higher after the 72 break, room to upside
Alert: Bid>72

$TWTR 35 range broken, stock has some room, ww for the hod today to break for cont. Closing over range, good sign imo.
Alert: Bid>35.58


Side Charts March 7th

side charts march 7th
$TSRO ww the range break to upside at 62.6 area, will have room to the 65, nice reversal pattern if it confirms! Alert Set
Alert: Bid>62.5

$APHB Small one, nice flag set up on daily with some room if it can get more vol, 1.5 break and hold over the key.
Alert: Bid>1.5

$ACIA ww the 40 break, h/s here, breaks that res can make a nice move, holding ema nicely, consolidation breakout ww
Alert: Bid>40

$PCG nice curl on daily off the bottom, beaten down, ww the 42.6 break for cont into the 50 on the daily.
Alert: Bid>42.6