Side Charts Jan 19th

side charts jan 19th.JPG
$ICON ww long for cont tomorro over 1.7, nice curl off the bottom. Need to break that 50ema there after for cont, like the strength off the bottom and volume.
Alert: Bid>1.7

$MRAN range break on daily, 50ema cross with vol. Look for cont tomorrow over the 9.95 range break
Alert: Bid>9.95

$KOSS small one, on radar with alerts set. Spec on the flag break for a pop up. Wont touch unless vol comes in.
Alert: Bid>2.17

$SRPT nice flag break on daily today and retest. Looking for a retest of todays highs and a break to confirm that daily breakout. On watch for cont.
Alert: Bid>62.96


Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY nice bounce of the 4ema, holding the top channel break, we are starting to go para. Short term trend intact, ww the otm calls next few weeks. Bullish overalUSO

$USO testing the trend but held the range break, think we flag out and make next leg up. Lovely curl on monthly forming. Bullish imoxbi

$XBI Little reject at that huge range break test 90-91. Expect a retest soon, trend still intact and 13ema support holding. Think we may retest uptrend short term but longer term we break out. gdx

$GDX little pull back after the extension on the range break, res here at 24.75 on the monthly big spot to watch, I think we should rest the uptrend in the short as well before we try for that monthly 50ema.

Side Charts Jan 18th

side charts jan 18th
$TAIT nice little dt break here, interesting vol, ww the range break at 1.78 for a grind higher
Alert: Bid>1.78

$XXII nice flag formed on daily and trend being held, ww range break test at 3.55, weekly and monthly setup for a push if it breaks out and confirms.
Alert: Bid>3.55

$KODK ww for cont tomorrow if the intra-range at 9.9 breaks, like that the support held last few days even tho BTC down, shows strength imo.
Alert: Bid>9.9

$CEIX nice reclaim of the 13ema and held the support, ww for recent high at 36.16 to break out of this consolidation, will see cont if so.
Alert: Bid>36.16

Side Charts Jan 17th

side chatys jan 17th.JPG
$CLVS range breaking to the downside, ww the support break at 54.25 for cont tomorrow.
Alert: Ask<54.25

$OSTK nice break of the trend today, ww a bounce tomorrow for a short then confirmation if 68 breaks for more downside.
Alert: Ask<68

$TSG Range break on the daily, ww for cont to the upside tomorrow.
Alert: Bid>24.35

$BOFI range breaking on the weekly chart, ww for confirmation of a hold then cont to the upside tomorrow
Alert: Bid>32.61

Side Charts Jan 12th

side charts jan 12
$ARWR nice range break today, ww for cont tomorrow over that 5.4 area if it break again.
Alert: Bid>5.4

$CVEO nice flag on daily, small grinder imo but nice look. Breaks 3.13 should see cont
Alert: Bid>3.13

$CALI nice flag break on daily and now range break test here at 3.98, that breaks ww. This is a former runner so alerts set on this
Alert: Bid>3.98

$SPWR Nice range test on daily approaching, breaks 9.65 and confirm ww some long for a push higher.
Alert: Bid>9.65

Mid week ETF Overview


$SPY nice top channel break but pulled back into it to retest and confirm, may want to retest the 13ema before we push higher, uptrend is intact none the less, strong. xbi
$XBI About to test the 90 range break here on the weekly and the daily before we test the 91.11 spot. Daily looking like it should test next few days. very key level to watch for bios!

$GDX rejected at weekly res, daily pulling back into the 13ema support, will see if it holds up. Plenty of support underneath. Imo should push into the short term downtrend and test a flag break to the upside. USO
$USO very bullish monthly and weekly now that the weekly range and broke. Think we retest that breakout as we are a little extended but very nice chart curling of the bottom here on the monthly!

Side Charts Jan 11th

side charts jan 11th.JPG
$HMNY ww the 10.4 pm from today break tomorrow, nice dt break and cross over the 50ema, confirmation key here, will not touch it unless breaks out.
Alert: Bid>10.4

$AGIO nice daily push, some more room to the 68 range test. break that can see nice cont.
Alert: Bid>68

$MARA Nice hold of the 50ema support here, ww for reversal if 4.3 breaks can pop. Nice r/r here imo.
Alert: Bid>4.3

$NVAX Huge range break on weekly and 50ema cross, ww this for cont if the 2 spot breaks.
Alert: Bid>2