Side Charts June 15th

side charts june 15t.JPG
$OSTK ww to upside, nice daily set up for a large range break, will have room to push if confirms
Alert: Bid>41

$BLCM ww 10 break, has room to upside if can confirm this range break, swing candidate on confirmation
Alert: Bid>10.05

$AKBA ww for cont tomorrow, reversal confirming off the bottom
Alert: Bid>11.25

$PRTA looking for range break off the bottom for cont, nice chart set up, grinder higher imo!
Alert: Bid> 14.89


Side Charts June 14th

side charts june 14th
$ESPR ww long off bottom, nice curl forming and ema support holding up, think we see cont to the upside
Alert: Bid>41.3

$CLVS ww for cont off the db on daily, looking for 44.8 break and then retest of the dt at 45.63, nice amount of room imo
Alert: Bid>45.63

$SIGA small one testing range break to ath, looking for cont on upside if this breaks and confirms

$PLNT big flag setup on daily ww long to the upside if we can break the range and hold.
Alert: Bid>44.25

Side Charts June 13th

side charts june 13th
$PRAH looking for cont from the range break into the high 92 area, imo if it can break and confirm 91.6 should has room.
Alert: Bid>91.6

$INSY ww range break to upside on daily, breaks that 7.4 nice amount of room into the gap, confirmation key here
Alert: Bid>7.46

$AAOI ww the flag support, holding so far for now, ww the flag test and breakout, if occurs can see a nice push
Alert: Bid>44.8

$COLL big h/s test and break today, looking for retest and close over, once confirms chart has room imo
Alert: Bid>27.05

Side Charts June 12th

side charts june 1th.JPG
$GOGO ww long, breaking range to the upside and nice amount of short interest + buys by management down here
Alert: Bid>5.4

$WBA nice range break off bottom and break through dt, room to 64.73, that breaks we have even more room imo
Alert: Bid>64.73

$PRTA ww long off bottom, slowly starting to curl here imo, looking for rebound if it confirms
alert: bid>14.3

$FIT weekly range break to upside plus recent + comments, think we can see some cont into 8+. Calls not bad as well.
Alert: Bid>7.6

Side Charts June 8th

side charts
$THO nice dt break on daily, like the vol coming in as well, ww the 101 area to break, room to 104.1
Alert: Bid>101.1

$GILD ww the 72 break, 50ema retest and held, looking for more upside here into the gap
Alert: Bid>72

$YY 50ema and 200sma supports held, uptrend retested and reclaimed, ww for cont to upside on bounce, 110.5 range break key
Alert: Bid>110.53

$CWH nice dt break on daily, ww for cont to upside on the 22.8 break, nice reversal chart
Alert: Bid>22.8

Side Charts June 7th

side charts june 7th
$PVTL ww long on the fib extension break of 20.95, would love to grab some on a pull back towards the range break 19.5
Alert: Bid>20.95

$CRMD ww long off the bottom, spec play here, range break .3 will have some room to push imo
Alert: Bid>.3

$CONN ww the 50ema break on daily, nice consolidation break, has room above for rebound imo
Alert: Bid>26.65

$GNC ww for bottom play, dt breaking, needs to reclaim ema support 3.3 then can have more room to push imo.
Alert: Bid>3.3

Side Charts June 6th

side charts june 6th.JPG
$ROKU ww the top channel break around 40.3, stock can push as there is room imo. Confirmation key.
Alert: Bid>40.3

$DOVA ww 27 break long on confirmation of the dt break, nice chart with room imo
Alert: Bid>27

$PI ww pull back for long to range break area, nice chart with room to upside imo
Alert: Bid>21.15

$MCRB Nice reclaim of ema support and break of the daily dt, ww for cont to upside long, 8.5 range break for more imo
Alert: Bid>8.5