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This Blog is used to organize my charts and trade ideas so I can see them all in one place. This is not investment advice, do not take any financial positions based off these charts or ideas.

I place alerts on my platform at key breakout areas to watch on these side charts, they can get triggered the next day or in a week. Once these key support or resistance areas break and the price holds above the stocks tend to move. The more alerts I have set, the more I am able to see across the market!

I Technical trading is my main focus and high reward to risk profitability setups. I am extremely systematic in my approach and am constantly reflecting so I can adjust, adapt and improve. On Saturdays I teach how to use multiple technical trading techniques, the setups I look for in small cap, medium cap and big cap stocks. Also, how to trade options and build a trading plan from scratch tailored to yourself! Building a plan, especially a risk reward plan is essential to success. Join me in class: https://spartan-trading.com/1-on-1-service/

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