Side Charts March 15th

march 15th.JPG
$AGN nice chatter news, ww the 169.6 range break for cont to upside into the 171+ mark imo.
Alert: Bid>169.6

$YTEN nice vol on the day, above ema’s and curled, looking for cont if the 200sma break at 2.86
Alert: Bid>2.86

$AQB Speculation play based off the high short interest and and the little technical reversal setting up, key is the 3.2 break with vol or no go. Must confirm imo
Alert: Bid>3.2

$CLLS huge pt today, nice range break on daily as well, looking for cont as room to upside
Alert: Bid>36.2


Author: spartantradinginc

Technical/PR Day and swing trader. Equities, Options, ETF's and Indexes. Focus on high R/R setups.

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