1 On 1 Saturday Session

Topic This Saturday: Going Over My Technical Trading System, Reward to Risk Ratio Planning, Accountability Tracking ** Trading the Open and Intraday Focus: Finding The Correct Plays Pre-Market for Your Account, Charting the Correct Technical Levels Before Market Opens,  Determining R/R Skewed Option  Before Open, Trading the Market Open Using My Technical System (I post these every morning, very consistent system), Scanning Intra-Day, Finding the Right Trades R/R (risk to reward) for your account either on the option or Equity side and executing those trades Intraday. **


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Includes Access to:
1) 100+hours of past recorded webinars covering multiple topics such as: In depth Technical Analysis, Earnings, Trading the Open/ Pre Market, Short Selling, Options, Trading Volatile Markets, In-depth Chart Patterns, Low Floats/ Small Caps, Mindset/Discipline and etc..

2) Custom Build Risk To Reward Trading Plan for Your Account and Style (KEY)

3) Accountability Sheet with multiple tools to improve your trading outside the market: Custom Journal for trading Reflection and to Discover your niche, actual r/r and issues.
Trading Checklist for Entries, Holding, Scaling Out and Exits.
Support on Daily Trades Outside of Hours


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Author: spartantradinginc

Technical/PR Day and swing trader. Equities, Options, ETF's and Indexes. Focus on high R/R setups.