Side Charts Dec 26th

side charts dec 29th
$INSY Looking for cont on a range break of 8.9. Can see more upside
Alert: Bid>8.9

$CRC Love the range breakout on the daily, looking for cont to the upside here. Bullish look
Alert: Bid>19

$ALT Like this one over the 50ema, due for a reversal, nice r/r chart imo.
Alert: Bid>2.05

$NXTD ww for a bounce off this 3.2 area, nice little retrace it is due. Stops tight just under 3 there.
Alert: Ask<3.25


Side Charts Dec 28th

dec 28th
$SFLY looking for cont into this 50 spot, nice amount of room to fill this gap here
Alert: Bid>48.95

$INFI Small one off the bottom nice curl and 50ema cross as well as the 13ema cross, room to the upside here.
Alert: Bid>2

$RGSE similar to INFI Small one off the bottom nice curl and 50ema cross as well as the 13ema cross, room to the upside here.
Alert: 2.4

$EKSO same as above off the bottom nice curl and 50ema cross as well as the 13ema cross, room to the upside here.
Alert:  Bid>2.7

Side Charts Dec 27th

side charts dec 26th
$XNET nice dt break here, held the 50ema nicely and small uptrend. This can push if it breaks 14.3 ww.
Alert: Bid>14.3

$LFIN breaking the short term downtrend, this can push higher if it breaks the 61.8 range. Confirmation key here
Alert: Bid>61.8

$DVAX nice dt break and push over the 50ema today. Breaks the range it can push, 19.65 area is the key
Alert: Bid>19.65

$QURE ww for cont here, nice steady curl and holding the trend nicely. 19.5 break on watch
Alert: Bid>19.5

Side Charts Dec 22nd

side charts dec 22
$VRX ww the flag break on daily here, nice setup to push, breaks that 22.27 spot can test recent highs.
Alert: Bid>22.27

$FH ww this long over 1.65 break, nice vol and 200sma cross into close. Think we can see cont towards 1.87 then 2 tomorrow.

$DKS ww the flag break and confirm, this can push but confirmation is key when/if it breaks the flag.
Alert: Bid> 30.8

$RIOT ww cont of the short side, 13ema breaks it will have some room to the next support at 22.
Alert: Ask<26.7

Side Charts Dec 21st

side charts dec 21
$VYGR nice daily, curling up over the 50ema and range breaking, room to the upside here
Alert: Bid>16

$DPW ww the range test if it happens, daily is flagging and chart has held up nicely.
Alert: Bid>5.95

$SPEX ww the range break on the daily at 1.66, think has some room to the upside if it can get going
Alert: Bid>1.66

$DSS nice flag break on the daily, ww for confirmation as this can push to recent highs.
Alert: Bid>2.4

Side Charts Dec 20th

side charts dec 20
$QURE ww long on this range break, nice chart set to push. Looking for cont on an 18.49 break
Alert: Bid>18.49

$SRNE ww the range break here on daily at 3.85. Must wait for break and hold over otherwise it will be a double top. Two ways to play.
Alert: Bid>3.85

$TEUM nice push and break over the recent range into the gap. Nice vol,, this can see cont tomorrow over 2 if it breaks imo
Alert: Bid>2

$BOSC little flag setting up here on daily, ww long if the 2.7 area breaks and holds.
Alert: Bid>2.7

Side Charts Dec 18th

blockchains side charts.JPG
$DPW ww for cont tomorrow if it breaks the 5.95 range, thing loaded with shorts can squeeze, confirmation is key!
Alert: Bid>5.95

$MARA nice flag break setup here, ww the 7 spot , this can see some cont.
Alert: Bid>7

$SRAX nice flag setup here as well, CEO on fast money tom, may be bought into. Like the chart either way
Alert: Bid>7.11

$GROW ww for cont tomorrow, broke the range to the upside and holding up into close.
Alert: Bid> 7