Side Charts Dec 1st

side charts dec 1st.JPG
$CLVS nice dt break here, looking for cont on this reversal,  63.1 will confirm when it breaks.
Alert: Bid>63.1

$AZRX ww this 50ema cross for cont tomorrow, nice chart of the bottom, solid r/r
Alert: Bid>3.29

$IPDN flag broken today, looking for cont tom, 5 needs to break and hold for this to cont imo
Alert: Bid>5.05

$EXPR nice range break test today, ww tomorrow for retest and break, rejection today.
Alert: Bid>10


Side Charts Nov 30th

side charts nov 30
$ZOES ww for cont tomorrow, nice range break and push today. ww a slight pull back to take some long around 15, maybe .30-.4 stops. Will see how it sets up.
Alert: Bid> 15.5

$SQ looking for cont down to the 50ema, think we should retest it tomorrow.
Alert: Ask< 38.3

$AKTX nice curl and range break today, looking for a retest and push through, nice r/r
Alert: Bid>5.1

$HTLD Looking for cont on this as well, room to 25, ww a pull back for a long.
Alert: Bid> 22.7

Side Charts Nov 29th

side charts nov 29th.JPG
$TILE looking for flag break and confirmation for a push higher, nice amount of room.
Alert: Bid>25.7

$AMC ww long with the news, nice dt break and ema crosses, off the bottom as well beaten down.
Alert: Bid>16.5

$HRG Flag break up here ww, 17.08 breaks stock has room
Alert: Bid>17.08

$FRTA nice daily and range break today, needs to get above 10 and hold and we should see thee move
Alerts: Bid> 9.91

Side Charts Nov 28th

nove 28th side charts
$MDLY ww the flag break out up here, breaks this 6.75 should test the recent range, nice little chart.
Alert: Bid>6.75

$ALDX Like the 50ema reclaim and curl here, this can push if that 7 breaks. ww that spot
Alert: Bid>7

$HMNY nice range break today, daily is curled and can push imo if it holds above that 15 spot, needs confirmation! Mega key.
Alert: Bid>15.28

$XNET Think we see sell of cont towards the 20 spot, very heavy and chart confirmed the extension from Friday today.
Alert: Ask<20.5

Side Charts Nov 24th

side charts nov 24thg
$MARA looking for the weekly 50ema break at 3.17, this can push off the bottom here even more, Momo strong
Alert: Bid>3.17

$SRAX looking for cont of this Blockchain ICO play, 6.85 range break should cause a nice push
Alert: Bid> 6.85

$UEPS Cont play as well, looking at that 13.81 range break for the push. Huge break if it happens, think we see a squeeze but will wait for confirmation as always
Alert: Bid>13.81

$XNET strength cont, not sure if this will break out but chart is still very strong. 25 spot breaks we got room. Confirmation mega key here, stops must be tight imo as this is riskier but as long as it holds trend should be ok
Alert: Bid>25

Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY closed over the range break after the flag push which is a bullish sign, we head higher imo. Blue Skys. Bullishibb
$IBB nice break above the 13ema and hold of the 200sma. Reversal looks good here. Inverse h/s held, 200sma held, 50ema on monthly held, dt broken, 13ema reclaim. Need to break this little res and we should push. Bullish

$USO Very bullish look, nice range break test here closing at highs, needs to break and we will be good to push. Curling on the monthly. Bullishgdx
$GDX 200sma and 50ema res here on daily and weekly. I think we pull back after this test, resistance is strong here. Bearish.

Side Charts Nov 22nd

side charts nov 22
$CBIO small one ww the hourly flag break and push, this moves quick so alerts set. Not a bad setup here. Won’t touch unless vol
Alert: 6.5

$SPKE curl off bottom with some nice room to upside if 12.94 breaks. WW that spot test and break
Alert: Bid>12.94

$SAVE nice flag and range break setting up on daily, ww the 37.74 spot to break and confirm, should push higher.
Alert: Bid>37.74

$CALI nice flag break on daily and range test should happen soon at 3.5, breaks that area it will push.
Alert: Bid> 3.5