Side Charts October 12th

side charts october 12th
$CATB ww long, nice curling on the 13ema hold here, could possibly push as break dt as well. ww the 2.75 break for cont tomorrow.

$PRPO I like the daily chart BUT needs way more volume to push this thing, range broke today with room but needs to break back over 2.41 to run
Alert: Bid>2.41

$AKTX h/s test today, ww tomorrow for confirmation of a break as this can move quickly imo, no pos until confirmation.
Alert: Bid>8

$BIOP room to 16 on the daily, into the gap. Nice vol last few days, this can push but vol is key again on this one. 10 break and we should see cont
Alert: Bid>10


Author: spartantradinginc

Technical/PR Day and swing trader. Equities, Options, ETF's and Indexes. Focus on high R/R setups.

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