Side Charts Nov 1st

side charts nov 1
$BW ww this 4.4 break, closing over the 50ema bullish sign into the gap. Has room.
Alert: Bid>4.4

$GKOS like the curl on daily and the push over the 50ema today, looking for a hold over tomorrow so we can see some cont.
Alert: Bid>35.8

$CRC nice flag break on daily, looking for cont into the range test and break. Like the chart.
Alert: Bid>11.33

$ATXI nice dt break here, think if we can break 5.5 and hold over we will see a reversal. nice r/r
Alert: Bid>5.5


Side Charts Oct 31st

side charts oct 31
$NEOS Like the news and do think we can see a range break, ww it for cont. 10.9 key spot to break
Alert: Bid>10.9

$TEAR ww this small on, basing here and ww if it breaks the 50ema, it can pop off the bottom.
Alert: Bid>1.49

$SGMS nice h/s break today, ww for cont tomorrow to 47-48 level to test the top part of that range
Alert: Bid> 47

$XRF nice 50ema hold and dt break today, ww for cont tomorrow. Nice r/r Play.
Alert: Bid>8.85

Side charts Oct 27th

side charts oct 27th.JPG
$SRAX looking for that range break 4.75, wedge tightening here, think we break that res, dt and range we can push
Alert: Bid>4.75

$TTNP ww for cont off this pop, beaten down and some news today, key will be that 2.65 break otherwise no go. wait for confirmation
Alert: Bid>2.65

$TTNR nice ema cross down here, regaining support and coming off the bottom, looking for cont tomorrow.
Alert: Bid>3.4

$FLDM looking for a range break test here, stock has room to the upside once it breaks 6.2/
Alert: Bid>6.2

Side Charts Oct 26th

side charts oct 26th
$SKLN nice little range break test here, ww if it can break 1.73 can push. Small one
Alert: Bid>1.73

$IZEA Tight stops but worth a shot bounce off the 200sma. Breaks exit, very tight.
Alert: Ask<3.3

$SRRA looking for that range break into the gap, 2.25 breaks it has room, confirmation key.
Alert: Bid>2.25

$TYPE nice flag setting up on the daily, ww taking long on a 22.85 break.
Alert: Bid>22.85

Side Charts Oct 25th

side charts oct 25th
$CODX Nice daily, range break test here, should push and see cont tomorrow to recent highs. Low float as well so wait for volume. This can push.
Alert: Bid>6.8

$OSTK Looking for cont off this flag break today, very strong bullish chart. Looking for 40+
Alert: Bid>39.45

$GNMX Nice flag break on daily here, small one and can grind higher when it confirms
Alert: Bid>1.8

$SRRA Looking for the range break on the daily for cont, this can push higher when it confirms.
Alert: Bid>1.96

Side Charts Oct 24th

side charts oct 24th
$HTGM Nice chart off the bottom here, needs to break the 200sma at 2.94 and it can push.
Alert: Bid>2.94

$VBLT nice flag on the daily, I think we can see this push but we will need to break that res.
Alert: Bid>6.7

$VERI nice break of the dt and reclaim of support, watch for range break at 43.51 and this can push
Alert: bid>43.51

$TLRD nice flag on daily, ww the range break now for cont. This can push as it has room. Key will be confirmation
Alert: Bid>14.66

Side Charts Oct 20th

side charts oct 20th
$MRTX big range break on daily here, ww tom for cont, has room into the gap to 19. Love this chart
Alert: Bid>16

$BVX breaking the range on the weekly, think we can see some nice cont, this is more of a grinder but safer
Alert: Bid>4

$GNMX Breakin the range on the daily, I like the room this has on the daily into the gap when we take out 1.92, that is the level on watch.
Alert: Bid>1.92

$DEST ww the flag break on daily, room to 3 here, love this setup. Nice r/r, ww the 2.47 break and confirmation for the push.
Alert: Bid>2.47