Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY Nice reclaim of the 50ema, 13 and trend support. Also, we broke the dt and now have room to the 247.43 level. We push higher heregdx

$USO tested and bounce of this 9.37 support but we need to get back above the inverse h/s at 9.45 or we fall further. Key day tomorrow

ibb$IBB bullish look, breaking h/s on daily and closing above great sign, room to 326.71 here next spot. Curled on monthly and flagging on weekly. Range break test soon imo. We go higher short term imo.


$GDX getting rejected at 24.71 spot,  I think we do pull back a big here. Big res at 24.71, 24.87 and 25.09. Think 23.51 reasonable short term.


Author: spartantradinginc

Technical/PR Day and swing trader. Equities, Options, ETF's and Indexes. Focus on high R/R setups.

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