Side Charts Sept 1st

side charts sept 1st
$GLYC nice little break out the range today, I think we should see cont of a curl upward on this tomorrow. Key will be 12.46 break and hold!
Alert: Bid>12.46

$MTEM small low float but daily primed to push here, watch for the dt to break and vol to take it long. Don’t get either leave it. Alerts set
Alert: Bid>5.97

$NEP Nice chart chart on daily ready to test range, its breaks it will push.
Alert: Bid>41.49

$RXDX looking for cont on this tomorrow, nice break out on daily here. We should push when 12 breaks again tomorrow
Alert: Bid>12

Other Noteables: AMD CLVS NTNX FEYE


Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY Nice reclaim of the 50ema, 13 and trend support. Also, we broke the dt and now have room to the 247.43 level. We push higher heregdx

$USO tested and bounce of this 9.37 support but we need to get back above the inverse h/s at 9.45 or we fall further. Key day tomorrow

ibb$IBB bullish look, breaking h/s on daily and closing above great sign, room to 326.71 here next spot. Curled on monthly and flagging on weekly. Range break test soon imo. We go higher short term imo.


$GDX getting rejected at 24.71 spot,  I think we do pull back a big here. Big res at 24.71, 24.87 and 25.09. Think 23.51 reasonable short term.

Side Charts August 31st

side charts august 31
$FOLD nice range break on this and call sweepers all day, this should push higher. Think we see cont.
Alert: Bid>14.22

$ARWR nice small one with room to 4.24 into the gap. ww the flag break again for a move and cont when 2.84 breaks. 3 hold will be key
Alert: Bid>2.84

$ZN love this chart, think we see nice cont off 3.84 break, oil is holding support which will be key for this to push higher
Alert: Bid>3.84

$FEYE nice flag break setup here after recent pull from e/r, I think we should see some nice cont when 14.8 spot breaks
Alerts: Bid>14.8

Other Noteables: $FRAN ss $ABEO $EIGR $SND $TEN $AKAM

side charts august 30th.JPG
$PBYI nice h/s break today with strength, think we can see some cont tomorrow on this into the 96+ area.
Alert: Bid>95

$ADMS ww the 22.2 break tomorrow. Primed to break out on the daily, think we could see a nice push to the 23.2 spot
Alert: Bid>22.2

$KTOS nice flag setup/range break on daily up here, takes out the 13.12 again we can see a nice move, esp with the NK headlines lately.
Alert: Bid>13.12

$FOSL nice flag test on daily, 9 spot breaks we should push into the gap, beaten down chart.
Alert: Bid>9

Side Charts August 29th

august 29th side charts
$TISI nice reclaim of ema support, beaten down stock, think we see cont tomorrow has plenty of room to upside. Good r/r
Alert: Bid>13

$MZOR nice push today and range break test, looking for retest of range tomorrow, confirmation and push. Has room
Alert: Bid>43

$AMED nice play off bottom with room to upside, worth a long shot when 51.16 breaks
Alert: Bid>51.16

$NOVN small and thin but very nice daily here, think we can see a nice ramp when it breaks 5, on radar
Alert: Bid>5

Side Charts August 25th

side charts august 25th
$BLCM looking for cont tomorrow, this has room to 9.29 and if that spot breaks has nice room to fill gap ww.
Alert: Bid>9

$PI like this long over 36, AMZN news bullish on this beaten down stock, tech regaining support as well
Alert: Bid>36

$PTGX ww this for a range breaks, break range i like it long. It trades very thin usual.
Alert: Bid> 14.15

$MOSY ww a break and hold of 1.2, this has room to upside if it can hold the spot, confirmation key!!!
Alert: Bid>1.2

Mid Week ETF Look


$SPY failed to reclaim trend here, I remain cautious as we closed below the 50ema as well, the next few days we will need to reclaim or we will fall back to recent lows. Big spot. Support on weekly and monthly still intact. uso
$USO breaking the dt  and creating a small flag break, nice close above the 50ema, we should push higher from here if we hold the 50ema. 10.2 area.ibb
$IBB breaking dt but failing to close over the 50ema, next few days will be big. Need to push higher so we can begin to curl back up.gdx
$GDX looks primed to push higher, needs to break out of this consolidation but bullish look imo