Side Charts April 27th

side chatys 1side chart 2
$AUPH Nice buying into close, over the 13ema, ww tomorrow for continuation if it breaks the 7.4 spot.
Alert: Bid>7.39

$RTK Nice curl over the 13ema, solid buying today. ww this to .6 that breaks should have room
Alert: Bid>.6

$VIVE Nice flag forming, ww to see if it breaks out of this consolidation.
Alert: Bid>8.05

$PFSW: Solid curl and push from 50ema break/ downtrend break, ww for continuation tomorrow
Alert: Bid>7.73


Author: spartantradinginc

Technical/PR Day and swing trader. Equities, Options, ETF's and Indexes. Focus on high R/R setups.

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