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Direct 1 on 1 Personalized Session with @Spartan Trading!


 Discover how to use all the technical tools available to you with every trading platform to your advantage

Access to classes every Saturday plus access to 100+ hours of recorded video (so far, new videos created every few weeks). Videos include: Review of the system I use, Low Floats, Swing Trading In Depth, Pre-market planning, Trading the open, Intraday Trading, After hours Trading and Trading earnings! Risk to reward planning and adjusting/ recording behaviours to find your niche! The goal is to make YOU independent! 

Includes Access to:
1) 100+hours of past recorded webinars

2) Custom Build Risk To Reward Trading Plan for Your Account and Style (KEY)

3) Accountability Sheet with multiple tools to improve your trading outside the market: Custom Journal for trading Reflection and to Discover your niche, actual r/r and issues.
Trading Checklist for Entries, Holding, Scaling Out and Exits.
Support on Daily Trades Outside of Hours

$349.00 Includes Access to 100+ Hours of Content, 6 Months worth of Live Webinars and Unlimited Support From Spartan Trading

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What Is Covered In Class:

Learn and understand how Spartan Setups his chart and uses multiple time frames to find high probability setups, reduce risk and improve conviction while in a trade to maximize outcome

Over the course of this session Spartan will cover his approach to Pre-Market, Intraday, Low floats, Options and Daily preparation from a technical stand point

Learn how to build and trade a Pre-Market plan. This will be done by focusing on technical aspect and opportunities presented by each stock in regards to its range, resistance, support, volume and how they trade on open. Gap up and Gap downs will be covered extensively

Get a clear understanding of how to use technicals Intraday to find trades that have high probability setups and positive reward to risk range. You will discover the setups Spartan specifically looks for intraday on both the long and short side with small, mid and large cap stocks. Spartan will also cover his method for trading SPY options intraday

Master how technicals can be used to reduce risk and increase reward by providing the best method for entering, adding and exiting trades. Spartan with cover how to find price targets when in trades and specifically why these targets are chosen

Understand how to trade Low Floats better by using technicals to provide better entries, targets and exits to reduce risk and maximize reward. Spartan will also share the list of low floats stocks he goes over daily to find setups

Learn how to use the leverage benefits options can present. We will cover the risk reward presented with options during high volatility trading and discover how to trade them to your benefit

Learn how to pick higher probability swing trades using Options, allowing you to free up capital but not miss a great risk to reward setup

Discover Spartans technical strategy for trading parabolic moves and learn how to trade falling Knives. Spartan has developed a technical process predicting where these moves will stop and reverse so you can trade the reversals successfully

Lastly, Spartan will cover how to prepare yourself for the next trading day by discussing how to find stocks with high probability setups for larger moves over the next few trading sessions. He will also cover where specifically to set alerts and targets on these charts so the trades are not missed

Get ALL Your Questions About Trading Answered NOW as this is a ONE on ONE Session Tailored to YOUR Specific Needs!