1 On 1 Feb 24th Session

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Side Charts Feb 22nd

side charts feb 22.JPG
$TWTR nice flag setup on daily, ww the intraflag break at 34.5 area for cont to recent highs, looks like setting up imo
Alert: Bid>34.5

$VRX nice range break setup on daily, ww for 18.12 break and hold over for cont higher.
Alert: Bid>18.12

$RRR h/s break setup as well here at 35.05, break and confirm we should see a push, ww this area can push to recent highs imo, confirmation key
Alert: Bid>35.05

$PODD nice high test, looking for a push above that 79.5 spot again for cont, chart has room if it confirms
Alert: Bid>79.5


Side Charts Feb 21

side charts feb 21
$KONA Nice small one off the bottom, reclaiming the 50ema support, ww the 2.1 break for a push.
Alert: Bid>2.1

$MOMO nice range break on daily, ww for cont to the upside, trend and ema support intact.
Alert: Bid>32.5

$P ww the range break to upside as well, 5.39 break has some room. May push into e/r
Alert: Bid>5.39

$UCTT nice reversal down here, reclaiming ema support, ww for a push higher into the res at 21.75, 20.5 needed to break
Alert: Bid>20.5

Side Charts Feb 16th

side charts feb 16
$ASIX nice dt break on daily and reclaim of ema support, room to 50ema ww for cont over 38.4
Alert: Bid> 38.4

$SPWR ww the 7.5 break for cont to upside into that 50ema, the dt has broken and this can push just needs to hold 7.42 imo. Conf Key!
Alert Bid>7.45

$KURA range break on daily, closing strong confirming the break, ww long around the range break test for a push to recent highs aka 25
Alert: Ask<21.7

$KTOS Range broken on daily with room to the upside, ww 12.4 break for cont.
Alert: Bid>12.4

Side Charts Feb 15th

side charts feb 15th
$MYOK ww long if this daily flag breaks range to upside, nice bullish setup. 55.4 will be a big spot, needs to confirm.
Alert: Bid>55.4

$MU tight wedge but being tested once again ww the 43.8 spot for the breakout, this can push imo if it confirms.
Alert: Bid>43.8

$QD ww the range break off the bottom through the 50ema, has some room to push here
Alert: Bid>14.96

$GILD dt break on daily, looking for cont over todays highs. This likes to pull back so tight stops on the breakout if it occurs imo.
Alert: Bid>82.4

Side Charts Feb 15th

side charts feb 14th.JPG
$CDXC ww the 5.42 break to upside, nice reversal off bottom now needs to break and hold above the 50ema for cont. Confirmation key.
Alert: Bid>5.42

$MDCO nice flag setup here, chart held 50ema nicely and dt now broken. needs that intraflag range break.
Alert: Bid>32.56

$BXC ww the flag break at 16.68, nicely held up and can push when it breaks and confirms
Alert: Bid>16.68

$AVH big range break setup on daily, ww that 8.55 level to be taken out for cont to the upside.
Alert: Bid>8.55

Side Charts Feb 13th

side charts feb 13
$VRS nice curl off the 50ema support and reclaim of ema support as well, ww long through the 15.8 spot, dt break can push.
Alert: Bid>15.85

$AKTX ww long off the bottom on a 2.77 range break, nice r/r. Dt breaking this will have some room to 3.6

$TCAP ww the range break on daily, 11 spot break has room to push, will be a grinder
Alert: Bid>11

$LIVE nice breakout off the lows, 50ema support reclaimed and dt broken. Low float as well so it can move.
Alert: Bid>16

Side Charts Feb 9th

Side charts feb 9th
$INSM ww range break to downside, 24.2 breaks has room. Confirmation key!
Alert: Ask<24.2

$OSS nice small recent IPO, looking for the flag break to upside at 5.15, can push to recent highs.
Alert: Bid>5.15

$SFLY ww the break of 70.4 are to downside, tons of room but confirmation will be huge as this has held up despite the market.
Alert: Ask<70.4

$CADE ww room to downside, break of that 25.15 area will be a nice cont down, ugly chart!
Alert: Ask<25.15