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Topic This Saturday: Going Over My Technical Trading System, Reward to Risk Ratio Planning, Accountability Tracking ** Trading the Open and Intraday Focus: Finding The Correct Plays Pre-Market for Your Account, Charting the Correct Technical Levels Before Market Opens,  Determining R/R Skewed Option  Before Open, Trading the Market Open Using My Technical System (I post these every morning, very consistent system), Scanning Intra-Day, Finding the Right Trades R/R (risk to reward) for your account either on the option or Equity side and executing those trades Intraday. **


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2) Custom Build Risk To Reward Trading Plan for Your Account and Style (KEY)

3) Accountability Sheet with multiple tools to improve your trading outside the market: Custom Journal for trading Reflection and to Discover your niche, actual r/r and issues.
Trading Checklist for Entries, Holding, Scaling Out and Exits.
Support on Daily Trades Outside of Hours


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Side Charts August 16th

$SONO ww long, daily dt break and range break off the bottom, like this for cont on confirmation
Option Note: 17.5 weekly calls
Alert: Bid>17.7

$COOL ww for cont on daily, intra-range break area with room to upside, tends to get momo when it pushes!
Alert: Bid>26.4
Equity Focus

$WYNN extended, ww long off the bottom IF 139 breaks and holds! Confirmation key, tight stops!
Option Note: Weekly 140 calls
Alert: Bid>139

$GBT looking for cont on the flag break higher, would like a pull back into trend support 47 area, hold and take some imo if it holds can push back
Alert: Bid>47.9


Side Charts August 15th

derertgergerg (1)
$SFLY ww the breakout off the bottom for a bounce, nice amount of range here if we confirm
Option Note: Weekly 75 Calls
Alert: Bid>75.7

$SIG ww cont to upside on this h/s break, lovely swing chart as well, think we see cont.
Option Note: 61.5-62 weekly calls
Alert: Bid>61.7

$IRBT big flag break setting up on daily, ww for cont and push through recent highs.
Option Note: 88-90 Weekly calls (equity may be best here)
Alert: Bid>88.20

$GES lovely range break intra-day to upside on daily, looking for cont higher
Option Note: 24 calls CHEAP!!
Alert: Bid>24.1

Side Charts August 14th

side charts gklefgklrfgrklg
$NUVA nice range break on daily, looking for cont to upside, room to the 68 level now
Option Note: 65 weekly calls (liquidity not the best)
Alert: Bid>65.72

$GTT ww the break of the 34.67 break to upside, breaks that range should see cont on the bounce imo as the para dt broke.
Option Note: GTT Weekly 35 calls (cheap!!)
Alert: Bid>34.67

$STMP ww the break of the 239 area to downside, daily range broken. More room to downside here, 236 area.
Option Note: 237.5-230 vert puts
Alert: Ask<239

$PZZA ww cont on the reversal, reclaims ema res to upside we can see a push imo.
Options Note: Weekly 42 calls, Sept 45-50,55 Verticals
Alert: Bid>42.6

Side Charts August 8th

side charts gklefgklrfgrklgeger4rrfg
$GME ww cont to upside, big trend break off the bottom on daily, love the setup for cont over 15.4 to 16 area. Options Cheap!
Options Note: Weekly 15-15.5 and next week August 17 15.5 calls
Alert: Bid>15.3

$GEVO ww 4.1 break off the bottom, has room to the upside. Spec play but looks good curling
Alert: Bid>41.

$COUP ww push to upside on the sympathy from TWLO, looking for retest of the h/s on daily,  think we have room to push!
Option Note: Aug 17 65 calls
Alert: Bid>64.1

$MOMO ww reversal off the bottom on the ema support reclaim, 41.8 break and hold needed to upside and we should push.
Option Note: Weekly 41-42 calls
Alert: Bid>41.8

Side Charts August 3rd

$IRBT ww cont on daily to upside, ema support held, looking for range break and cont.
Option Note: 82 lotto calls !
Alert: Bid> 82.24

$TWTR ww cont on range break off this bottom extension to the upside, can see a nice rebound imo
Option Note: 33 Aug 10 or 32.5 lotto calls
Alert: Bid> 32.8

$GKOS lovely daily range breakout, looking for a retest and push through highs, confirming imo 🙂
Option Note: August 17 45-50 vertical calls
Alert: Bid>45.84

$GOOS ww cont to upside 59 break we can see a push imo!
Option Note: Lotto 58-59 calls
Alert: Bid>59

Side Charts August 2nd

$ICPT ww cont on this dt break to upside, confirmation key. Nice daily setup for a push.
Option Note: Vertical 95-100 Call August 17
Alert: Bid>93.35

$HEAR ww the range break on upside, nice daily here setup to push, been holding all emas well. Strong look imo
Option Note: 30-35 vertical calls, little riskier, equity best here imo.
Alert: Bid>28.76

$NVRO ww the 60.4 range break to upside, held up nice after the dip, think we can see a nice push on that break.
Option Note: 60-65 vertical August 17 calls
Alert: Bid>60.4

$TWLO looking for cont off this bounce on the 50ema, think we can see more upside on the 59.42 break to upside
Equity Focus
Alert: Bid>59.42

Side Charts August 1st

$CRUS ww cont to upside if the 43.3 area breaks, love the daily look. Grinder But looks nice for more
Option Note: Weekly 43-45 vertical calls
Alert: Bid>43.3

$ESPR nice daily breakout above the 50 and range break to upside, looking for cont higher
Equity Focus
Alert: Bid>45.2

$PLAY ww the 49.5 area break to upside, looking for a range retest, that breaks has more room. Nice look for cont
Option Note: Weekly 49.5-50 calls
Alert: Bid> 49.5

$PUMP ww range break on daily to upside, chart setup to break out of this consolidation imo
Alert: Bid>16.7